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Weight-Shift Trike

Flying Weight Shift  Trike in Indonesia

 An ultralight trike, also known as a flex-wing trike, weight-shift-control aircraft, microlight trike, is a type of powered hang glider using a high performance Rogallo wing coupled to a propeller-powered three-wheeled undercarriage. [ Wikipedia ]

Trike Group Lesson in Malang Indonesia with AAA Trike

 An ultralight trike,  a flex-wing trikeweight-shift-control aircraftmicrolight trike use a wing similar to a hang glider, with a carriage equipped with a motor, wheels, instruments, and seating for single and two. With your hands on the control bar, you feel the air as you flught in the mornings, warm afternoons, and soft evenings, giving the different that the wings are extensions of your arms. This natural flight control, combined with instruments and radio communications, is a combination of simplicity and technology that makes trike flying one of the most forms of aviation


Our Trike lessons begin with an introductory flight, in flight and is aimed at letting you experience feel of flying and enjoying the flight so that you can make a decision if this kind of sport flying is for you. If you are comfortable, We will even let you fly  under instructor’s supervision on this introductory flight.

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