Powered Paragliders

Powered Paragliders

Paramotor training needs to be staged, so that you master the basics of flying a paraglider first, before adding the complexity of a paramotor into the mix, with elements like power, thrust & torque.

Take Off Paragliding Accuracy

With Us, if you are new to flying paragliders and paramotor, your paramotor lessons start with learning how to paragliding. Once you have learned to launch a paraglider (usually half way through your first day’s training).

PEAMS 2014 Paramotor Event Across the Madura Straits 2014 Indonesia

As your confidence and experience builds, you will make higher and higher flights until you are doing high flights and circuits, landing back where you started from.

You will then add the paramotor, learning how to launch with the engine on your back; then it’s into the skies for your first paramotor flights.

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